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Mike graduated with a BFA in 1996, his first role was as the sole graphic designer in a small printing company, where he quickly enhanced his qualifications with real-world knowledge in the printing trade.

Mike’s experience now covers several industries and product types including; content management, digital assent management, web and digital, printing and publishing, windsurfing (sails and boards), surf, wake, kite surf, yachting, neoprene, cycles and parts, and all the associated apparel, luggage, travel gear, tools, gadgets, and promotion items. Mike’s knowledge base comes from designing graphics for products, the design and development of products and product ranges, packaging, advertising, merchandising and the implementation of factory production processes.

Mike is well travelled and has many business and life experiences – and he connects well with people of all walks of life. Mike has an ability to quickly determine what consumers seek, and what detail may enhance their purchase decisions. Mike is called upon to assist as a consultant, with a mixture of business and practical experiences – he is a calm natured, professional and has a technically minded business attitude.

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Lives in : Leeston, Canterbury, New Zealand
Works in : Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

What People Say

Personal recommendations are one of the most reliable ways to establish if working with someone is going to work out well for you. Here is some of the things people say about Mike:

“Mike entered our world of windsurfing with no knowledge of the sport, and became a master at projecting our image and developing the brand consciousness in the world through his clever use of the potential of the internet. He adapted quickly, made himself familiar with the other players and the sport, and soon became able to express the feelings and subtleties as well as anyone with years of experience, and he was a kick to work with, and become good friends as well”  – Barry Spanier

“Mike partnered with us on a healthcare innovation project to help design a document communicating research findings and service innovation recommendations. Mike was easy to work with, conscientious and hard working, and really helped us bring our insights and ideas to life. Most importantly the document Mike helped create was a real hit with the client.” – Matt Currie

“Mike has been instrumental in creating the “look” of our business Jane Henry Merino Ltd and from the first meeting I knew that he understood and appreciated what we were trying to do. We have developed an ongoing relationship to further develop our business and Mike will be integral to that. I recommend both him personally and the quality work he provides without reservation.” – Jane Shand

“Mike was always great to work with on several fronts. He posses a rare combination of highly creative & talented artistic skills with a no-nonsense , get things done business approach. He is adaptable, personable, and productive. I would welcome the chance to work together again.” – Jonathan Craig

“Easy to work with. Very committed. Mike listens and understands the business objectives and implements design accordingly.” – Scott Fenton

“Mike is a creative individual with a flair for problem solving, both graphically as well as commercially. He’s the kind of individual who sees past the immediate need and develops long term solutions for his clients. Mike is serious value-add to all his clients.” – Bill Skelton

“Mike is a professional in all aspects of his field and I recommend him for any of his services.” – Tom Gray

“Mike does excellent work with a real emphasis on quality and understanding what we needed from him. We had great feedback loops at every stage and were impressed with the end results. Mike has been back a number of times and will continue to do so in the future.” – Aaron Kitto

“We hired Mike to design the artwork for Fiona Pears’ DVD, “Live at the ChristChurch Cathedral.” Mike’s design was fantastic and captured the mood of the DVD perfectly. Mike was excellent at making quick changes as I thought of more details as the project progressed; there was never a problem with this. Overall a fantastic job and I’ll definitely be putting more work Mike’s way in the future.” – Ian Tilley

“Mike is very customer focused. He understands business requirements quickly and provides good creative options.” – Mike Perry

“I enjoy working with Mike. He is both relaxed and reliable. I like his ideas and his crisp design style. I look forward to using the finished website he is in the process of creating.” – Kate Spenser

“I chose to employ Mike to work on a new corporate identity for my business. With his impressive background in graphics design, international marketing and branding, I felt Mike could add real value to my branding. I was right…. Mike was very professional in his approach and communicated his ideas visually and verbally throughout the branding process to come up with a new branding concept that fits the market I am targeting. I found Mike to be not only very creative and professional, but also very honest and trustworthy. I felt from the first stages of dealing with him I was going to be very happy with the end result. I would not hesitate in recommending Mike for design work of any level.” – Stephen Walsh

“It was a pleasure to cooperate with Mike. He is an open-minded, creative individual and knows the meaning of the team spirit. I like his dedication to work, always on time, ready to handle anything that comes along.” – Dorota Staszewska-Kumiszcze

“It was great to work with/for Mike.- The Team depended directly from him, and when I needed anything, I had to ask him, it was done the right way and in a timely matter. Great Experience while it lasted.” – Charles Oreve

“Mike is a creative thinker, a great company manager, an excellent painter, and a risk taker who loves mountain biking. I worked with/for Mike for 4 and half years, have thoroughly enjoyed working and have learnt a lot under his management. Mike has a winning attitude, there is always ‘can do’, and always keen to understand his client’s needs. He has created some of the most outstanding design works for the Christchurch Cathedral, and have held personal painting exhibitions out of his passion in painting! Mike is well traveled, he has seen the world and experienced different cultures, therefore he understands people in a way that is beyond language!” – Joseph Ku

“Having worked with Mike in his capacity at Gaastra over a period of 4 years he has demonstrated his expertise, attention to detail and driving attitude to deliver the best projects for his clients. I would recommend Mike to anyone looking for graphic or marketing consulting.” – Andrew Duck

“I worked with Mike whilst he was employed as the Marketing Manager for Carbon Art Windsurfing. My role was an Australian team contact for the company, competing and promoting the boards and reporting directly to Mike. During the 16 months I have known Mike, I have found him to be a very articulate, talented and experienced person and someone who is very easy to get along with. Most of all though, Mike is very honest and results driven. If you employ his services, you can be assured that his focus is on results. Whilst with CA, Mike developed a fantastic communication framework between CA and its international riders and streamlined business functions and lifted the profile of the business through clever online applications. Mike also fully embraced and utilised the power of social media to grow and strengthen the brand both locally and internationally. Carbon Art is certainly much stronger and well known because of his involvement! I would not hesitate in recommending Mike Coker to any business serious about results.” – Stephen Walsh

“Mike is a dedicated and talented designer. He is able to think outside the box and is always fully committed to each project he is asked to do. I enjoyed working with him very much and am very happy to recommend him without reservation. Mike is one of the good guys.” – Tad Ciastula

“Mike is very talented artist with keen sense for graphic design and strong work ethic. He is serious about his work yet joy to be around. His humor helped to create very friendly environment to work in. Mike is creative and organised person. He is a highly motivated & enthusiastic person who put’s his heart into an art. Loves his work, people and most of all his family.” – Krys Ivo  Kristufek

“Mike has such a wide experience, his design and implementation skills are the envy of many. He has a simple no nonsense approach to business that just gets results every time. He is easy to work with gives very clear communication and is very realistic about New Zealand business.” – Ian Warren

“It was very easy to work with Mike. He really made my job easy with detailed briefings and outline of the kind of work he wanted me to perform. I would definitely enjoy working for Mike again.” – Charles Oreve