This sadly can be a great source of garbage in / garbage out. What I’ve found over the years working with sales and marketing, account manager, customers and project requirements is that there have only been a rare few who know what notes should be in the CRM – more to the point that if you have met with a customer but FAILED to write notes, then you’ve left the rest of the team in the dark.

Keeping suitable notes for building a great customer experience is important for companies with lots of staff who might interact with the same set of customers so that every interaction adds value. The data that is generated in the CRM should be reviewed and checked to see if there are any like-problems or like-processes that can be turned into frequently asked questions for the rest of the customer delivery team. I’ve found that people who are naturally good at creating customer relationships don’t appear to make it their responsibility to help the rest of the team by added crucial relationship building notes for the rest of the team.