Data security

Some of what I’ve learned about running web hosting servers is that security is super important, but the level of risk depends on the value that people place on their data.

  • Some customers don’t want to pay for added security until there is an issue then it is all arms up in the air in panic. Having dealt with many issues over the years, I have become a bit numb to panic. And rightly so. Panic doesn’t enable the best decisions – critical problems need to be dealt with one at a time, smooth is fast.
  • Understanding how data flows from one system to the other, and that there are many systems is something that many people simply don’t understand. As a hosting and email exchange provider I’ve managed downtime like a champion – and in the early days, there was no disaster recovery plan. It was after the first server rebuild that I got smart. Monthly, weekly, daily backups – and in some cases backups of backups.
  • Bigger providers aren’t always the best. Our services weren’t the best but I try my best for customers.