Design thinking

There is design the principle, the practice, the appreciation, and the process.

Collecting together all the information required to start a design project can be easy at times, but usually, it is not.

  • Design is engaging. The understanding and application of contrast, balance, emphasis, movement, white space/voids, proportion, hierarchy, repetition, rhythm, patterns, unity, and variety to form visual and communicative information.
  • Design is thinking. It is a process that provides a solution to problems.
  • It is all just data. My love of books, computers, websites, systems, and all the applications that can be created started with a love of information architecture, the ability to visually structure the data, ad the hours of fun in analyzing the otherwise hidden stories within.
  • Design is sales. For many years as a graphic designer in a company that had its own sales team, I thought that I was incapable of completing sales roles, however design is sales and designing thinking is required in good sales techniques – in the context that when I met with people (customers, friends, and family) and they ask me what it is that I do, I have to be able to communicate this. With customer interactions I’m commonly requested to showcase what the solution that I’ve designed will do for them – having completed some user interviews and created user stories in advance, they generally fall in love with the vision of the product that I’ve created for them. People who have had their eyes opened to what could be, seem to be easily lead towards paying for it to become a reality. Therefore design is sales.