IA, Books & Dashboards

Information architecture is great fun. The structure of a book and the content and the application of design is a fine line between, balancing the content, the context and taking into consideration the audience.

  • Knowing what the book is about, where and when it took place (or is about to) and who might purchase or view the book should be important decisions in the design and publishing of the item.
  • Creating diagrams to explain quantitative data is effectively similar to thinking about what dashboards should be used to showcase dynamic information, except in print the data doesn’t change. What I’ve learned while merging several sets of data together is that the biggest issue is not how to combine all the information, it is how will the end-reader interpret the information. Obviously, if the reader is familiar with the data this is considerably easier, however when it is for general public use, then this can be an interesting issue to overcome.