Passionate about Fine Arts

Mike Coker, is a Canterbury painter who studied Typographic Design at Canterbury University, School of Fine Arts, graduating in 1996 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and later in 2000 with a BFA (Hons). Although his major was typographic design, to be accepted into the Fine Arts School he completed all available art courses at Hagley Community College and therefore has a well-rounded understanding of the fine arts and the various techniques.

Initially influenced by experiences of international and national travel, Mike continues to explore the concept of personal journey and the state of liminality and transition. Mike has a unique cross-discipline approach to art and the development of his painting technique is a testimony to this.


Works are signed: MAJ Coker



University of Canterbury
BFA (Hons.), Fine Arts, Graphic Design
BFA, Typo-Graphic Design, Classics, Psychology, Art Education

Solo Exhibitions

2010 – Christchurch, Quiqcorp Gallery, “Out of the Fire”.
2009 – Christchurch, Quiqcorp Gallery, “New Works”.
2007 – Christchurch, Art World, “Still Shifting”.
2006 – Christchurch, Art World.

Group Exhibitions

2017 – Leeston, Lake Land Art Gallery
2016 – Lincoln, Down by the Liffey Gallery
2014 – Christchurch, Artbox Gallery, “Suburban Gutter”
2012 – Cheviot, Two Rivers Gallery
2010 – Christchurch, Quiqcorp Gallery, “I don’t, No”
2009 – Christchurch, Quiqcorp Gallery.

Publication Designer

2014 – Jane Zusters, unruly memoirs; nature bites back Hoe Press
2012 – Zusters, Jane, Where the home is: the Christchurch earthquakes
2010-2012, Christchurch: Hoe Press.
2011 – Singing in the lifeboat: the art of Jane Zusters, Christchurch: Hoe Press.
2008 – John Robert Godley Trust, Godley Gifts, Christchurch.


Gold Medal, Pride in Print 2009 – Godley Gifts (Category: Case Bound Books)
Gold Medal, Pride in Print 2009 – Godley Gifts (Category: Limited Edition Print)
Gold Medal, Pride in Print 2009 – Godley Gifts (Category: Book set)
Highly Commended, Pride in Print 2008 – Christchurch Cathedral (Large format)

Creative Judge

IAVA, Judge for W3 Awards – 2017
IAVA, Judge for The Communicator Awards – 2015
IAVA, Judge for The Communicator Awards – 2012
IAVA, Judge for The Communicator Awards – 2011
IAVA, Judge for The Communicator Awards – 2010
IAVA, Judge – 2009

Abstract & Post-Modern Painting