Make the impossible, possible.

I graduated with a BFA in 1996, and my first role was as the sole graphic designer in a small printing company, where I quickly enhanced my qualifications with real-world knowledge in the printing trade. I am well traveled and have many business and life experiences – and I connect well with people of all walks of life.

Many clients over the years have come to me with what they believed to be an impossible situation – I am however a believer that any issue can be solved with a creative problem-solving attitude. And of course, the budget to move mountains or failing that, the ability to re-think expectations and accept a slightly lesser level of perfect.

My experience now covers several industries and product types including the Internet of Things, sensors, facilities management, language assessment, health and life insurance, power & gas utilities, FMCG light bulbs, content management, digital asset management, web and digital, mobile apps, printing and publishing, windsurfing (sails and boards), surf, wake, kite surf, yachting, neoprene, cycles and parts, and all the associated apparel, luggage, travel gear, tools, gadgets, and promotion items.

I have an ability to quickly determine what consumers experience and what detail may enhance their purchase decisions or which gamification techniques might attract and encourage their engagement. My knowledge base comes from designing graphics for products, the design, and development of products and product ranges, packaging, advertising, merchandising and the implementation of factory production processes.

How to make the impossible, possible?
Try again. Don’t Give Up. Research the issues. Learn more. Ask more questions. Stay positive.


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Lives in: Leeston, Canterbury, New Zealand
Works in: Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

University of Canterbury
BFA (Hons.), Fine Arts, Graphic Design
BFA, Typo-Graphic Design, Classics, Psychology, Art Education

Publication Designer
2014 – Jane Zusters, unruly memoirs; nature bites back Hoe Press
2012 – Zusters, Jane, Where the home is: the Christchurch earthquakes
2010-2012, Christchurch: Hoe Press.
2011 – Singing in the lifeboat: the art of Jane Zusters, Christchurch: Hoe Press.
2008 – John Robert Godley Trust, Godley Gifts, Christchurch.

Gold Medal, Pride in Print 2009 – Godley Gifts (Category: Case Bound Books)
Gold Medal, Pride in Print 2009 – Godley Gifts (Category: Limited Edition Print)
Gold Medal, Pride in Print 2009 – Godley Gifts (Category: Book set)
Highly Commended, Pride in Print 2008 – Christchurch Cathedral (Large format)

Creative Judge
IAVA, Judge for W3 Awards – 2017
IAVA, Judge for The Communicator Awards – 2015
IAVA, Judge for The Communicator Awards – 2012
IAVA, Judge for The Communicator Awards – 2011
IAVA, Judge for The Communicator Awards – 2010
IAVA, Judge – 2009