Customer satisfaction

Not all managers hold it as highly as I do. Appropriate communication is the key to minimizing business disruption and in the world of computer-based interconnected systems, it is not always feasible to retain constant connection at all times.


Regardless of where the notion came from changes affect people in different ways. In many of my roles I have influenced change, be it through creating a new UX vision, or a marketing strategy, or a business sales model, or...

Exponential innovation

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One of the greatest elements that I like about business is that there is always a problem that needs to be solved. As soon as a new improvement is made, we get to thinking about how that object works, how...


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Meetings are great if they help team members to share where they are at, and other members of the team feel safe enough to share their opinions to help solve the situation at hand.


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What I’ve learned about having been both self-employed and employed, is that I’m happy to lead or follow (assuming I’m following a leader). Some staff need closer supervision, others thrive when they are left alone to get the job done....


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Need a mentor? I certainly would have liked to have had one to discuss some business dealings over the years. When in doubt ask a lawyer, this has served me well, not quite the same as having a mentor, but...


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People are truly awesome. There are so many differences between each of our experiences that we all have the capability to be far better than what we and some others might think. The culture of a company can drive success...

Product questions

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Some questions to consider when thinking about products What are the needs of the customer? What can we offer that meets what customers want? How can we best deliver what we offer to potential customers? Where are the customers that...

Business teams

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Sales and marketing should be unified in their goal. It has been my experience that when the sales team are dominant, then the marketing team produces short term reactive messages, while when the marketing team is dominant, the opposite happens....

Identity development

The blob or mark that you use to remind your employees and customers who you are is important, treat it with respect and it will serve you well. The mark itself should reflect what it is that you do, or...

Building brands

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When building your brand it is important to consider the development of the company and also your audiences’ culture. Hire the right people so they fit what you are wanting to achieve; ensure that your values and the company mission...

Company culture

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Culture can make or break a great company, however from the outside, many customers haven’t really had an opportunity to see the true culture of a company, but they will pick it up if they ever get to visit the...